She Collapses On The Road Crying When She Reunites With Her Missing Puppy

When we lose sight of our beloved puppy, the world comes crashing down on us. They are one more member of our family, and when they disappear, anguish and desolation take over us, until we don’t know what will become of them on the street, alone and helpless.

Unfortunately, unexpected situations often occur and our pets accidentally leave our homes and get lost, leaving us with an indescribable void.

Anyone who has been through a similar situation knows that there is no worse feeling than losing a pet and not knowing where it is.

This is how it happened to a family that loved their dog like another child. They spent days of real anguish looking for his furry one, but they never stopped trying to find him.

There were inexhaustible days of tears after the trail of his missing puppy


For Mary and Brent, their white Great Pyrenees puppy named Jasper was truly spoiled.

One morning, while he was alone in the backyard of the house, he decided to go out and did not turn back, until he reached Lake Columbia, many miles from his home.

They spent three long days and nights looking for him, but Jasper didn’t show up. Mary and Brent were sunk in the most absolute sadness, desolate and desperate, since their beloved pet had never done something like this before.

The worst things went through his mind

The couple had begun to lose hope of seeing their beloved long-eared ear alive again, and it is not for less. Realizing that something like this happened to a puppy that has never before entered the outside world in his yard must be a nightmare.

The search continued, adding more and more members of the community and neighbors close to the couple, until finally someone had seen it.

A halo of hope illuminated Mary’s eyes, deep down she knew that Jasper was alive, that’s why she and her husband had to continue without giving up.

They did not imagine the scenes so charged with emotion that they were about to live

As they drove, looking around, Mary asked Brent to pull the car over to the side of the road.

Brent responded with a certain sarcasm, unaware that the two were about to experience a reunion worthy of the Mecca of cinema.

It was an unforgettable moment that will remain forever in his memory and in his heart.

“Stop, Brent, maybe he’ll come back alone. Why would we stop? This is not like Hollywood. It’s not like the dog gets in the middle of the road and runs towards you”, they both talked as they crossed the road.


In the end, Jasper appeared running from the undergrowth to jump into the arms of his human parents who received him happily, but amazed by the journey that this mischievous canine made, which will surely be his first and his last.

“We are happy and feel really lucky to have finally found our pet. They were tremendous days. It’s hard to think that you will never see your puppy again. He is a son to Brent and me,” said Mary.

Mary, Brent and Jasper together again

We imagine the horror that people who lose their pet go through, since they are one more member of the family, they fill us with so much happiness and love that when they get lost abruptly it leaves our hearts empty. Let’s hope we don’t have to live it to find out.

See in the following video how the woman ended up collapsed and in the middle of a heartbreaking cry when she finally hugged her dog. It’s hard not to cry with her!:


Fortunately, this family had a happy ending, they will never be separated from their beloved pet again after living such a bitter experience.

Even if it is ten minutes of absence, it will surely be the most desperate and terrifying for anyone who loses their puppy. If you find a lost animal, help it to return home.

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