She Approaches The Man She Saw In The Subway Feeding A Helpless Kitten With A Bottle

Unfortunately, the cases of animals left to their own devices living in the disgrace of the streets are as many, as the conditions are varied, and even the places where these homeless pets are usually found.

It is not common to hear from a friend or acquaintance who has found a homeless puppy or kitten on the street. And the thing is, seeing animals in this situation is a daily scenario, but if we all collaborate, we can generate change.

When Gillian Rogers finished her workday for that day and was about to return home traveling, as always, through the underground rails of the New York City Subway, she spotted a man sitting in the same car. , who immediately caught his attention.

What made her gaze focused was not the man himself, but who accompanied him curled up and wrapped in a towel on his lap: a fluffy and tiny ball of feline hair stuck to a bottle through which he was being fed by this being. a human with a big heart.

The beautiful scene was, for Rogers, who also dedicates his life to help animals in the Pet Rescue Squad Inc. organization, a fresh breath of hope that breathed his spirit and ignited her with joy. I’m one of those rare people who saw that unforgettable moment.

“It was really a special moment. When I got off the wagon, I felt like I was walking on air. I felt happy, like it renewed my faith in humanity. There are still decent people out there, ”said Gillian Rogers who captured the adorable scene.

As soon as she realized the dedication and affection with which this individual was treating her pet, Gillian did not hesitate for a second to capture the couple in a photograph she shared through her accounts on digital platforms.

“He was bottle feeding him. You could see the affection. I felt that my heart was going to explode when I saw someone overflow so much affection, so immersed in the moment in which he was feeding the little one, “said the woman, visibly moved.

But Rogers could not be left alone with the seen. She wasn’t about to leave the train without knowing more about the story, so she approached the man to find out how the two of them had met. To which he replied that he found the cat alone, in the middle of two buildings, while walking.

Fortunately, for the cat, the passerby was for him at the right time and place and rescued him. But in addition, he was in charge of all the necessary care to keep the newborn healthy. The truth is that, of all, what struck Rogers the most were the looks of love that humans and pets directed each other.

And although the time had come to go down to his destination and he did not have time to know the name of that stranger and his kitten, just witnessing that wonder transmuted any difficulty of that day into joy and fulfillment. It was as if Gillian was floating in the air, recharged with faith in humanity.

If we all commit ourselves, we can drastically decrease the misery and suffering of millions of animals around the world. Responsible tenure is the key to generating change.

Share this beautiful story with your dearest and cherished ones. We are all an important part of preventing more animals from ending up alone. Let’s get the message across!

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