Seemingly Homeless Dog Asks A Motorbike Messenger For Affection

An apparently homeless dog has become a star in different social networks, thanks to a video that went viral where he proves to be very kind to a motorcyclist who was passing through the area where he keeps.

Although dogs generally chase cyclists or motorcyclists, with the intention of making them uncomfortable, this little dog decided to do the opposite.

Danilo Ricci, a man who was wandering in his car through the western part of Sao Paulo, got a big surprise. While he was at a stoplight, an apparently homeless puppy who approached a domicile immediately caught his attention.

Seemingly Homeless Dog Asks For Petting

Mensajero y Negao

The dog stood in front as the traffic light changed and, instead of barking, asked the man to pet him for several minutes.

Mensajero acariciando Negao

Danilo was moved, so he decided to record the moment, while he sang a fragment of the song ‘Ser um é amor’, by the sambista Arlindo Cruz.

While they waited for the traffic signal to change, the puppy received a lot of love from the messenger.

Negao y motociclista

Danilo said in the Video:

“His face! The baby gains a lot of affection as the signal changes.

When the traffic light finally changed, the man thought the dog would follow him, but decided to return to the sidewalk, patiently and lovingly.

Check out the adorable video below:


The man decided to share his video on social media and quickly garnered more than 15,000 views and hundreds of comments from users. The scene moved many people, who also decided to publish the video and one of those publications reached 248,000 visits and more than 500 comments.

One user commented:

«The dog is a grace, more beautiful still the attitude of the motorcyclist. Nowadays the normal thing would be to make the dog go away, not fill it with affection. Beautiful gesture!

Danilo y Negao
On the other hand, Danilo decided to return the next day in order to find the protagonist of the scene and achieved his goal. Curiously, the friendly little dog named Negão, approached Danilo and did not hesitate to ask him for many caresses and several pats on his head.

Madre de Negao

After investigating, Danilo realized that Negão had a family; His mother’s name is Andressa and he has four siblings: Nega, Pandora, Pingo and Betoven. The sweet family lives in the square that is close to the place, and they have few economic resources so they live on the donations of the people.

Perrito aparentemente sin hogar Negao

In general, the dog is always at the traffic light asking for help from people who pass by, and Negão always accompanies him. Even the cute little dog jumps at the doors of the cars asking for a collaboration and, in this way, they guarantee their daily food.

Perrito aparentemente sin hogar

Danilo was moved by his story, so he wanted to help Andressa by asking people for help, through a video on Instagram.

The man thought that thanks to the fame Negão had gained on social media, this would be the best way to help his family.

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