Rottweiler Dog Saves A Newborn Baby Abandoned By His Mother

This moving story surprised the population of Uruguay: a Rottweiler dog took care of the newborn baby overnight and saved his life.

The story happened in Canelones, Uruguay.

According to press reports, a 22-year-old girl gave birth to a baby in a shed. As she had not received treatment during childbirth, she had a hemorrhage and left the place, leaving the baby to go to the hospital. Fortunately, the little dog was there and took care of the little one.

the dog’s owner was the newborn’s grandfather.

Family members said they had no knowledge of the young woman’s pregnancy, and that they only learned when they were notified that she was admitted to a hospital, confused and bleeding.

The dog, who had always been of good character, very devout, obedient and docile, and besides, was used to humans, so he took care of the little one all night long.

The baby was found, still with the umbilical cord, in the morning, in his grandfather’s workshop. When he arrived for another day of work, he found the dog very nervous and was surprised, as this behavior was not common.

Stunned, he wrapped the boy in his jacket and took him to a health center where he was diagnosed with hypothermia.

Doctors commented that the baby was born approximately 16 hours ago.

The baby’s mother suffers from psychiatric disorders and did not inform the family of her pregnancy and, after giving birth, went to a hospital saying that she had had a miscarriage.

Mother and baby were admitted to the same hospital, however, for the child’s safety, the grandparents will be in custody.

The baby’s grandfather, the dog’s owner, also said that, strangely, his son had called him, saying that he and his wife were in the hospital and that she was bleeding.

So, the man connected the facts, and ended up discovering that the baby, which his dog spent the night taking care of, was the young woman.

The baby now lives with his grandparents… And with his dog

Thanks to this four-legged hero, the baby is doing well!

Although the Rottweiler is an intelligent, brave and obedient dog, it is also a dog of great physical strength. And unfortunately for this reason he is considered one of the potentially dangerous puppies in most countries.

Frankly speaking, there are no animals that can be defined in this way, with the exception of those that have already been abused or trained in an irresponsible way, and with the aim of stimulating their aggression.

All dogs equally, regardless of size or breed, must be educated responsibly and positively, so we will have a sociable, affectionate and stable dog.

Rotweiler is not a dangerous dog, the danger is the education we give to the animal.

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