Rescued Blind Elephant Is Grateful That She Was Accepted By a New Loving Herd

A rescued blind female elephant celebrates with gratitude that members of a herd took her in as if she was part of them. Once again the animals give us a lesson in love and solidarity.

Animals never cease to amaze us, as is the case with Ploy Tong, a blind female elephant, who after her release from captivity sent her vibrations to other elephants so they would know where she was.

Truly the first meeting between her and the pack was a moving moment that will always be remembered, especially this female who was welcomed by her new pack.

These emotional images captured by the staff of Nature Park, Thailand reflect the great power that nature has.



It didn’t take long for the elephants to pick up Ploy’s vibrations. The pack arrived at the place and each of its members made sounds in an affectionate way.

It is estimated that Ploy is around 30 years old, unfortunately the life experience of this elephant is framed in long days of abuse and slavery.

This poor animal had a life in captivity inside a circus before being rescued by the staff of the Save Elephant Foundation. For 16 years she was held captive, hoping to regain the freedom she should never have lost.

Ploy lost sight in both eyes. Sh used her trunk to sniff out the route, which she traveled for 16 years while carrying tourists on her back in the Pattaya region of Thailand.

Her rescue was made possible by Save Elephant Foundation staff noticing Ploy’s struggle when they were rescuing Bua Keaw, another elephant.

After negotiating her freedom with the owner, she was transferred to Elephant Nature Park, in Chiang Mai, where the incredible first interaction with her new herd took place on February 3.

It was a magical encounter that will remain etched forever in the memory and hearts of those who witnessed the scene, and also of all of us who now know the story.


“Ploy Tong is one more elephant that we decided to rescue. She had been carrying tourists in Thailand for 16 years using her trunk to sniff out the route she should take.”

This poor elephant had long hours of hard work every day for many years. Every morning before sunrise she was saddled to walk tirelessly with the tourists on her.

“We saw her working while we were on the trip to rescue Bua Keaw, and they started talks with the owner to release her.”

Her journey to freedom began and fortunately she was able to interact with others of her kind without having to work.

It is very difficult to explain why human beings do not understand the damage they can cause to a wild animal when they try to domesticate it.

All its essence is annulled by limiting its life, not only to a physical space but to emotions based on punishments.

Behind zoos, circuses, aquariums, rides on elephants, camels or horse-drawn carts, there is a cruel industry.

It is important to raise awareness about the “entertainment” that many enjoy and share with their children that costs the lives and freedom of thousands of animals that cannot defend themselves.

They are living beings who deserve the same respect as us, there is no justification for transgressing their rights. Those who profit from the pain of animals are cruel people who have no empathy.

Keeping a wildlife animal under self-interested conditions is to condemn its life in a very miserable way. We applaud Ploy’s freedom! and we thank those who made his rescue possible.

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