Rescued Baby Lion Always Sleeps With His Blanket Since He Was Baby

At the time Lambert’s savior Keahey found him for the first time, he was a baby lion. A family had bought him illegally and then wanted to abandoned him, so he needed help. That’s when Keahey intervened and took him to her rescue “In-Sync Exotics.”

“We had heard from the previous owners that he slept in the bed with the grandfather,” said Keahey to The Dodo. “So I got him a blanket, went into the enclosure, and put the blanket in one of the corners. He curled up on that blanket and he went right to sleep. Ever since then, I always give him a blanket.”

Today, Lambert is 2 years old and continues to live with Keahey because it is difficult for him to survive in wild. “He has 7,000 sq. ft. worth of space to run around in, which includes a covered den area for shade and protection from the weather and a sunny, grassy playground with the pool he loves to play in. He is just like any other 2 year-old lion in that he is active and playful, and is full of cattitude. You know where you stand with him.”







Watch him in the video below

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