Rattlesnake Latches Onto A Puppy And Bites It 5 Times As He Tries To Free Himself

Every animal lover knows that these little beings are unique and irreplaceable. Some, like a puppy or a cat, are the favorite pets; and for many, they become like their children. That is why when their life is threatened, many owners can lose their breath, as well as when faced with dangerous snakes.

And it is that these creatures feared by many, are so silent and agile, capable of attacking their prey in a matter of seconds. This is how a puppy almost lost his life when attacked by a rattlesnake.

The rattlesnake hooked on the puppy and bit it 5 times


The furry boy, whose name is Toad, was playing near his home in Kuna, Idaho, when he suddenly came face to face with the snake who mercilessly bit him at least five times.

Friz Brownell, the puppy’s owner, says that when he approached his pet he saw “a snake cartwheeling in the air.” Very bewildered and worried, he grabbed his puppy trying to keep it between him and the snake.

“Big mistake, there were several snakes on the ground!” He told local media.

Toad is a German shorthaired pointer.

Without wasting any more time, he took him in his arms and took him to the vet. Unfortunately, the poison had already taken effect and Toad began to bleed from his lips and gums.

Toad did not look good at all, the vet pointed out that the puppy had been bitten on both sides of the face, due to which they applied a dose of antidote. So it was a matter of time before we knew how the helpless little dog would react.

This breed has strong legs which makes them even more adept at running.

The poisonous American rattlesnake, unlike other snakes, has a distinctive rattling sound found on the tip of its tail.

This snake is made up of small horny cases that allow them to emit a warning sound and in some cases protect them from being stepped on by larger mammals.

Toad’s owners really thought their beloved pet wouldn’t make it and were devastated.

Despite the fact that rats and mice are their favorite food, they can attack almost any animal they consider their prey. By biting, they inject the venom into the body of the prey and then let it go. The larger prey follow them, attack them and wait for the poison to render them immobile, this being the technique they use the most when they attack people.

They have a striking coat in which several colors are combined.

Much to Brownell’s relief, the antidote took effect and his beloved pet was saved. Toad continues to recover at home, receiving all the care and love that she deserves.

For his part, Brownell wants to warn pet owners and insists that we must be aware of the environment where we walk our furry puppies, a rattlesnake could be anywhere.

In this report you can learn more about the harrowing episode of Toad that left him with a devastating appearance:

For its part, Idaho Fish and Game says the best thing to do at the time of year when these snakes can abound is to keep dogs on a leash as they hike through the hills or through the desert.

We celebrate that fortunately, Toad was taken to the vet on time and that they managed to save his life. Not all cases of bites end like this, that is why it is necessary for owners to take all precautions. Nobody wants to see their puppy like this without knowing what to do or how to act.

Remember to always be alert on every walk you take with your beloved pet. They deserve that we take extra care and that they can walk calmly without us having to regret a sad end!

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