Unique White Tiger Sextuplets Go On Display At Yunnan Xoo (Video Inside)

Yes it may seem astonishing, but it comes with a hardship, to get white tigers both the parents need to be white tigers, inbreeding has been showing some effects of deformation and other stuff. I’m sorry, it’s just so filthy to hear them talking about these adorable animals while they show them behind bars in captivity that doesn’t even try to mimick their natural habitat at all.

If only all the bad people in the world could disappear. Than all the animals would be free from continuous cruelty. And also people would be happy. Whenever I see cubs, kittens, or puppies I always see their paws and get reminded of being a kid and your mom buys you jumpers that are too big 😄 Telling you “You’ll grow into them.” He’s plotting doomsday now while he’s young because in his head ,he’s thinking “Ok you wanna keep me away from my mommy,let’s see if can keep up with me after one year after I’m bigger…”

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