Ranger’s Sadness After Failing To Save The Elephant He Cared For And Loved So Much

They say that man’s best friend is the dog, but why not another animal? Since the beginning of life on Earth, human beings have established a link, a direct relationship with animals; either from a superior and victorious position or by recognizing them as equals, as beings who feel, suffer and love.

For example, a ranger who is an expert in caring for elephants, thanks to his training in the Mudumalai tiger reserve, in Tamil Nadu, India. Through a film we witness the sad moment when this man says his last goodbye to one of the pachyderms he cared for.

He hugs him like someone hugging a brother or other relative, and that is because he had been taking care of the deceased animal for years. He is seen desolate, sad, with his eyes blotted with genuine and pure tears of love.

He fought to heal his wounds and save his life until the end, but all to no avail.

This evidence of affection for animals toured the planet.

Although the man used the help of other of his colleagues in the forest department of the Indian town, and did everything humanly possible to save the life of the elephant, finally the animal died after an accident that caused several injuries and lacerations on his body.

“The reasons we do not know, but the relationship between an animal and a person grows stronger and shows us that the ties between species are becoming more solid, all surrounded by the purest and sincere love of all,” commented a Username.

Perhaps, this scene is one of the most exciting so far in this run over in 2021, perhaps it is one that manages to generate another different context that frames our existence in our own love and that of others, in goodness, in justice, in demonstration that we are sentient and truly human beings.

“We were able to witness the emotional moment in which the ranger says goodbye to this elephant, full of genuine love and showing that he has a totally pure heart,” another netizen commented to the publication.

For his part, Ramesh Pandey, a partner of this man and an officer of the Indian Forest Service, shared the moment on his social networks where he assured that it was a truly moving moment. It was the first time I had seen such a sense of grief for a loss expressed in such an emotional and authentic way.

“It is truly moving to see this tearful goodbye to an elephant by a fellow forester at Sadivayal Elephant Camp in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu,” Pandey wrote in the post.

The video was also shared by various associations, who have stated that there are no words to describe some emotions. And, the reality is that the beings we love the most disappear from our sight, but their presence continues to invade our hearts.

Share this emotional story with your loved ones. This just goes to show how deeply animals can touch human hearts, to the point of crying bitterly at their departure. We empathize with this man’s pain!

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