Raccoon Artists Pose Proudly Next To Their Incredible Paintings

When some people think of raccoons they imagine mischievous creatures doing their thing, scavenging for food, or invading gardens. But, there is a raccoon named Tito who has taken it upon himself to show the world how wrong they can be.

Tito, like his companions Pipper and Cheeto, are three rescued raccoons who have now started a successful career in art.

At first Tito was better known to Internet users thanks to his YouTube channel and Instagram, but now everyone has become famous for his paintings.

The three raccoon artists have become a sensation on social media for their adorable works of art, which are sold at different prices and highly coveted by painting lovers as people are impressed when they meet them.
The Jackson Pollock-style paintings made by the three legged animals make everyone fall in love and are very funny.

These artists have been so all the rage that the media have approached the animal behaviorist from the University of York, Toronto, Suzanne MacDonald, to learn more about these adorable raccoons.

Everyone is interested in knowing if these animals are really attracted to art.

Suzanne commented to Boredpanda:

“You can really train any animal to paint. All you need is patience and a steady supply of food rewards.

Suzanne also said that raccoons find it easy to paint because they can grab things with their paws, and they are very skilled with them. However, there is no scientific evidence that these animals appreciate art, and it is impossible to ask them; only they know why.

People often have many misconceptions about these animals that they are considered scavengers, but they are actually carnivores like dogs and cats.

They eat everything, like humans, and if they are sometimes seen snooping through the garbage, it is just one way to survive.

“Raccoons can explore many different food resources, which in cities includes garbage. In addition, they have very sensitive legs that provide grip, allowing them to eat a wide variety of foods.

Clarifying these concepts has been Tito’s main mission on his social networks, something that he is achieving very well, since he already has more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Now these three raccoons are being recognized around the world, thanks to their artistic abilities and their works of art. These works have a price that ranges between 70 to 150 dollars and you can get them in Tito’s virtual store.

Ever since they discovered their artistic abilities, the three little animals have been creating abstract works to satisfy the demand of their clients. They always get a good reward after spending a lot of energy creating a work that is desired by all.

Without a doubt, the art played by these three little animals has captivated everyone’s attention, and demonstrates the skills of raccoons. For now, Tito and his colleagues will continue creating beautiful works of art to delight all lovers of painting.

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