John Lennon Takes the Stage with “Whatever Gets You Through the Night”

“Whatever Gets You Thru the Night” is a song by John Lennon, released as the lead single from his 1974 album “Walls and Bridges.” The song features prominent backing vocals and piano by Elton John, who also played on the track. It marked the only number-one single of Lennon’s solo career during his lifetime.

The lyrics of the song express a message of encouragement and resilience, advising people to do whatever they need to do to cope with life’s challenges and find a way to get through difficult times. The upbeat and catchy melody, combined with Lennon’s signature vocals, gives the song a lively and optimistic feel.

Elton John’s collaboration with Lennon on “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night” was significant. Lennon had made a bet with Elton that if the song reached number one on the charts, Elton would have to join Lennon onstage during a concert. In November 1974, when the song hit the top of the charts, Elton John fulfilled his promise and appeared onstage with Lennon at Madison Square Garden in New York City, marking Lennon’s last full concert performance before his death in 1980.

The song’s success and the collaboration with Elton John made “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night” a memorable moment in Lennon’s solo career, and it remains a popular track among his fans.

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