Puppy That Was Waiting For His Turn To Be Euthanized Has Now A Happy Life

Stanley is a puppy who was miraculously saved, thanks to the intervention of a rescuer who could not bear the idea that this furry one was sacrificed.

Ready to be put to sleep in just a few hours, this dog’s fate took a surprising turn, and that’s why we want to share with you his heartwarming story.

The puppy is testimony that hope is the last thing to be lost.

In December, just two days before Christmas Eve, a dog was terrified and sad in a shelter with a high mortality rate.

Turns out that boy was Stanley, a pit bull with a serious mange problem. His condition was so critical that it had prevented him from opening his eyes.

But this puppy ran into a rescuer who met him hours before his scheduled sleep and his rescuer decided to help him.

It was Cathy Stanley of Camp Cocker Rescue who sought to prevent the Stanley from receiving the deadly injection. She decided to help him, but the furry’s condition was truly compromising and she, the young woman, did not know if she could take care of him.

But someone had to save him.

Confused, she chose to make a video of the furry in the Sanctuary of Los Angeles. She would take care of him, but she was afraid of not doing it properly.

“I got him out and started his medical recovery. I also did the full rendition of the ‘Just One Canine’ videotape.

Then I started mailing it like crazy, asking people to help me find a good release,” she explained.

The video spread like wildfire online and that’s when Dave Schofield of Respect-A-Bull, a breed-bred Terrier release on Vancouver Island, Canada, contacted Cathy.

Dave and his wife, Jo-Ann, saw the videotape and decided to help. They would take care of the little dog, so Cathy could start working on the adoption to completely rule out any possibility of euthanasia for Stanley.

The puppy had been saved, but now began a path for his healing.

Dave facilitated Stanley’s transfer, they would take him in temporarily to start healing the little dog. Although later his destiny would be marked by the arms of another family.

Many people had seen Cathy’s video and were waiting for the furry one to heal to apply for adoption.

However, the puppy found a home of people who received him without knowing the story very well.

It turned out that after nearly dying, Stanley now had many interested in his care.

Cathy’s video had been completely worth it, but also her decision to remove the puppy from the place before it was euthanized.

After that, Dave’s intervention was enough for Stanley to be completely healed both physically and spiritually and ready to meet his new family.

The puppy arrived at the home of a couple: Josh and Teresa Caufield, who were moved by his personality.

Stanley is now part of a loving family and has become the protector of the couple’s youngest child, a baby just months old.

In short, the fate of this puppy was not in the cages of that shelter in which he had been destined to extinguish his life and it is only enough to see it to be sure of that.

In addition, Stanley’s story paid off greatly as, from his case, Camp Cocker and Respect-A-Bull continue to work together to help save many dogs in need.

This is one more example that things become more bearable when you work together and it’s good that these people have found each other through Stanley.


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