Puppy That Felt Hopeless That Was Eaten By Thousands Of Fleas Has Recovered And Now Lives Happily

A weak puppy was found lying all alone in the middle of the road. People walked by him but none stopped to help him. Stray dogs are a common thing to see in this part of the world and to the passersby, he was just one of many. But we know that there is more than that. We know that every life is important! We know that whether they are dogs or humans, they all deserve to live a happy life.

The little boy was so exhausted. He was covered in so many fleas that his weakened body was giving out. Each flea that drank his blood caused anemia. This baby needed help and he needed it right away! He curled up into a ball and he was just devastated. He felt hopeless but that was all about to change.
A woman that works for a local rescue heard about the puppy and rushed over to the scene. She carefully picked him up and realized that he didn’t just have fleas, he had thousands of them. He also had Demodex mange. He needed emergency treatment.

The vet and the woman who saved the pup put him on the exam table and they started to work right away treating him. He needed a flea bath and extensive medical testing. They needed to see how anemic he was. They also had to start to treat his mange with antibiotics and daily medicated baths.

The puppy began to feel comfortable, especially with the woman who saved him. She vowed to find give him a second chance in life. She called a friend of hers who would be a perfect match and her friend agreed to adopt the puppy. Once he was medically recovered, he was able to go right to his new mom’s house.

Adorable little guy loved his new home instantly. He was no longer unsafe and hungry on the streets. He had everything he deserved. He also had a doggy sibling and they got along very good. The puppy was so happy. He especially liked to sleep in his new comfortable bed. No more cold concrete for this baby!

A year later, the puppy isn’t so weak anymore but he sure is happy! We are happy that he’s doing so well and his past is where it belongs: behind him for good. His little broken heart is now whole again. Check out his rescue below.

Please remember, every homeless animal struggles for survival. It is important to have your pet spayed or neutered.

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