Puppy-shaped Clouds Prove That All Furry Go To Heaven

Puppy-shaped clouds are touching the most sensitive chord of many owners. For those who have already seen their beloved pets cross the rainbow, it is inevitable that those beautiful silhouettes remind them of those little angels that so marked their lives.

Puppy-shaped clouds are the best proof that all furry go to heaven

nubes con forma de perrito

Only owners who have sadly had to say goodbye to their furry children know what it is like to remember that bleak moment that we wanted with all our might, it would never have come.

Only those who have had to go through the bitter taste of saying goodbye to their pet forever, will understand what it is like to live suffering and desolation at its best.

nube con forma de perrito

And we ask ourselves again and again, why do these noble beings – who have shared a lifetime with us, not only witnessing our laughter, tears and joys, but also being the undisputed protagonists of every step we take – have to leave forever?

Why precisely them, the noblest and purest in this world?

And unfortunately, we did not find answers …

In the midst of that deep pain, it is as if something were ripped from us, but we are left with the consolation that without a doubt, they are already in the heaven of animals, enjoying, running and playing, where no one can even come close to hurt them.

When our furry children cross the rainbow something dies in the soul

But coincidentally, sometimes nature itself takes care of giving us small doses of relief to our hearts with subtle surprises that leave us stunned.

It is what has recently been captured in the sky, a unique and moving image.

If anyone doubted that puppies would go to heaven, with this irrefutable proof there is nothing left to say.

It is a photograph that has gone viral on the networks, with overwhelming evidence, in which you can see the profile of a puppy resting in the sky.

It is also the proof that they are a gift sent from heaven itself

It is like a haven of peace for all those owners who carry their pets deep in their souls, who have already left this world.

And many times, facing criticism from those who do not understand that a dog owner can experience almost physical pain when an animal dies, almost as if it were a relative.

Some even launch hurtful comments, far from empathizing and providing the support that every owner of a grieving puppy or kitten needs.

The image is a slap in the face for all those who doubt that dogs go to heaven. Now we are sure that one day, when it is our turn to cross that famous rainbow, the first thing we will meet will be with that little friend, with that smell of our beloved Firulais, and with that eternal embrace that now will never end. .

But this is not the only image, there are others that have been shared on the networks, from different parts of the planet, which shows that those who called us crazy, “we were not wrong.”

We leave you a video with a compilation of the most emotional dog silhouettes drawn in the sky, which are already spread around the world:

Most likely, this unique phenomenon of dogs in the clouds has reminded you of your beloved pet, who on the other side of the rainbow bridge will never be able to forget you, and neither can you. And it is that only those who have lived with a puppy or a kitten, as if it were our son, will be able to understand how hard it is to assimilate their departure.

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