Puppy Rescued After Monkey Kidnapped For Three Days

A story that could only have happened in Southeast Asia caught the attention of dog lovers in all parts of the world. In Taman Lestari Putra, Malaysia, a monkey took home ownership. By taking a puppy that lived on the streets and taking it with him. The residents of the sector watched with concern as the ape climbed the tall trees, as well as slipped through the electrical wiring, without ever letting go of the poor puppy.

The puppy could be seen to be just over a couple of months old, totally unable to defend himself against the strength and tenacity of his captor. The concerned residents of the area followed the story for three days, which is how long the cub was in the hands of the monkey. Leaving the little puppy in a sort of nest or shelter that the primate had built in the highest part of a lamp post. The monkey continued to make his living, returning periodically to appreciate his great trophy.

It was at the end of that third day, when the monkey pulled the cub out of its shelter and began swinging from the branches of other trees, that people who were concerned were able to do something about it. Throwing rocks at him and yelling at him to scare him off, they got the monkey to stop thinking about the dog long enough. When released, the puppy fell between the branches, landing miraculously on the dense foliage of the bushes and plants that characterize the vegetation of that area.

Upon reaching the cub, his rescuers took care to check him. He was a bit scratched, he was missing a bit of hair, he smelled cute, but all in all, he was in good health. After taking him to a vet to corroborate what they thought, the same family that was in charge of scaring the monkey decided that they would adopt the adventurous cub. “The cub looked tired and exhausted, but the monkey didn’t seem to hurt him. The monkey only held the cub while it moved. It seemed that he treated the puppy as a friend or his baby, it was something very strange. However, we had to save the poor dog because he seemed to be hungry, ”said one of the people who was present during the abduction.

Dogs are often abducted by malicious people. But not every day, the abductor is another animal.

Below you can see the video of the monkey that kidnapped this puppy and how they rescue him:

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