Puppy Fights Against The Current To Save A Child He Didn’t Even Know From Drowning

We never know when the exact moment will be when we can save someone’s life, much less if our adorable hairball is the protagonist of a heroic action.

Something that a family has recently experienced after their puppy Max saved a child in distress in the middle of the sea.

The puppy lives with his family in Port Noarlunga, Australia.

Before Max was adopted by Jamie and Rob Osbon, he had to put up with a past with very difficult days, his former owners had him abandoned in a yard without receiving the necessary attention, much less a gesture of affection.

His life changed completely after being rescued and adopted by the couple who have given him all the love he deserves. Jamie Osborn commented on this:

“When we adopted him, he didn’t like being petted. If we patted him too much, he would get up and walk away. Now he is a completely different dog. Is always happy! Max is really affectionate, he gives us a lot of love and joy ”.

Max’s stormy days are a thing of the past, he now spends his days inside his new home with people who treat him like a member of the family.

Max is a Staffordshire terrier and bulldog mix.

Among all the things he enjoys doing, he especially loves sleeping in bed with his 11-year-old brother Nev, splashing in the water, and going for a walk.

His love for the beach is so great that his family bought him a life jacket so that he would not get so tired swimming, the couple have kayaks so while they paddle the sweet Max enjoys the water with his life jacket. In this regard Jamie commented:

“Rob likes to surf and snorkel, so Max can often be seen on the beach hanging out with surfers waiting for a wave.”

It was on one of these days of enjoyment with the family on the beach that Max saved a child, the little boy panicked and instead of swimming parallel to the shore, he was caught in the current.

Fortunately, the puppy was nearby and responded to Rob’s call for him to help the boy.

“Max was swimming, wearing his life jacket, having a great time when the boy got into trouble. He was doing what he loves the most: swimming, ”Osborn said.

The brave little dog fought against the current and obediently swam towards the boy who clung to the life jacket. Incredibly it took him to the edge of the beach.

As if that were not enough, after this incident Max returned to act as the best lifeguard after helping a friend of Nev who was also in trouble.

After his heroic action, he received many hugs and extra treats, Max is not only a happy puppy but a hero. Your family is more than proud to have such a brave little dog.

Without a doubt, the puppies are not only our best friends but those heroes that we all need at home. Share!

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