Protective Gorilla Mom Shows Special Bond With Her Newborn Baby In Australian Zoo

With their movements and emotions, gorillas are the animals most similar to humans., for example holding, caring and protecting their offsprings. Sometimes, they even do the job way better than many humans.
Recently, a loving gorilla mother has stolen the hearts of many animal lovers worldwide through a series of moving photos showing her special bond with her newborn baby. Frala gave birth to her child just a few days ago at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, and nothing can separate the mom-baby duo since then.
Needless to say, the zookeepers are already too familiar with animals bonding around them, but such adorable scenes never cease to melt their heart.

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“Mum is still being very protective and keeping baby very close to her, so people are getting quick glimpses but mum doesn’t want to show it off too much just yet,” said Lisa Ridley, their direct caregiver.

The gender of the infant has yet to be disclosed since the overprotective mother keeps her little one with her all the time, which is quite understandable as the bond between baby animals and their mothers during the first days of their life is very important. At this important stage, the babies always need their mothers’ heat to stay warm as well as their comfort to deal with a brand new environment.

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“When they’re born they stay with mum for quite a while for warmth, protection and most importantly food,” Ridley continued. “They have got a really strong grip as soon as they are born, which is the easiest way for Frala to move around and collect food.”

Of course, since they have no idea about its sex, the zookeepers haven’t had a chance to name the new member of the gorilla enclosure either. However, Ridley shared that they were looking forward to a boy.

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Even though they can only catch a glance of the newborn, they can confirm that both the mother and her baby are surely healthy. It’s the third baby for Frala and she has always been an amazing mother to her kids.

“We’re all waiting in anticipation, Frala is a very experienced mum,” Ridley added. “She has had a couple of babies now – and so keeping it hidden from us is a good thing because the baby needs warmth and protection.”

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Explaining the future of the baby, Ridley claimed that it would be independent enough within a few months but it would continue to stay with her for a couple of years. In fact, little gorillas often rely on their mother for three or four years for food.

“Some are more relaxed and let their baby venture out much faster and some are more protective – just like humans,” Ridley said.

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