Pregnant Pig Runs Away From The Farm With Her Maternal Instict To Give Birth And Save Her Babies

Despite the numerous campaigns in favor of animal life, there are still many animals that suffer from cruelty or human lifestyle and the little pig in this story is one of them. It is about a pig who decided to escape from the factory farm where she lived with the admirable purpose of giving her children a different life.

This little pig carries the maternal spirit very high.

The name of this creature is Matilda and after such a heroic escape, her story went viral, as many applauded that she decided to escape while pregnant.

This creature felt the maternal impulse within her and escaped knowing what was the fate that awaited her little ones. It is very likely that even the pig had already gone through that pain with previous pregnancies, but this time the end would be very different.

Matilda fled but was attacked by her labor pains.

Although a pig can live between 12 and 15 years, the life time can be only months for the animals on this farm; something that Matilda was not willing to put up with and fled.

Due to things in life, during the escape the pig ended up giving birth in a forest near the town of Ollerton in Nottingham (England).

Thanks to its location, its rescuers noticed the place from which it had escaped.

A good Samaritan named Anna Aston who was walking with her pet through the forest and discovered the pig with her young.

Matilda had had nine piglets and was exhausted. It was evident that she needed help but Anna was afraid that the wild sow would feel in danger at any approach and attack her.

For this reason, he not only took some photographs of the scene, but also called the specialist in these matters.

They were Jon Beresford and Beth Hewis, co-founders of Brinsley Animal Rescue, a wildlife rescue and support organization.

Upon learning of the situation, the man did not hesitate to go and rescue the pig’s family, but given the remoteness of the place, it was not until the next day that help arrived for Matilda and her babies.

Mommy was tired but she was still looking out for the little ones.

According to Jon, the pig was in a delicate condition but her babies looked healthy. It seems that the mother had done a good job.

“We visited the next day to check and found that she had escaped from an adjacent pig farm and had her babies in the forest. Her babies looked fine, [but] she was thin and could graze, but could not look for food because she had a ring in her nose, “explained the rescuer.

Although the little pig needed help, the authorization of the owners was necessary to remove her from that place or else Jon and Anna could get into a legal problem.

“She had the maternal drive to escape and save her babies; We couldn’t let her go back But it was impossible to just pick them up. How can we save them? Ultimately, we needed the consent of the owners, ”explained Jon.

After the story was released by local media, the owners appeared and took it with them, causing rescuers to fear the worst.

“As the story appeared in almost every national newspaper in the UK, the company got in touch. They wanted to know Matilda’s location, in their words, “to check it out.” We felt betrayed when a photographer for a national newspaper photographed the farm taking them back to their compound, ”shared Jon.

Concerned for the fate of this mother, the rescuer organized a protest to save the pig and her babies.

For Jon it was unfair that the efforts to escape were in vain, luckily he was not the only one who thought that way and given the pressure the owner decided to hand over Matilda and her babies.

These little ones would have a different future than the slaughterhouse.

Now the brave pig lives on a farm that belongs to the Brinsley Animal Rescue.

“Matilda is a very good mom. She is very friendly and is happy that we are staying with her and her babies. She feeds and sleeps them, then we let her go out to roam and graze, as well as having a good mud bath, and it doesn’t take long before she returns to feed all the baby ”, revealed the person in charge of the pig.

For now the whole family is together but in the future they will have to separate. Matilda and four of her little ones will live at Surge Sanctuary, located on a 7 hectare site in the rural Midlands of England; while the other piglets will be relocated as a couple to places suitable for them.

Everything will be better than the slaughterhouse, so at the end of the day the little pig’s efforts paid off. Lucky for her to do justice to her kind because everyone deserves to live happily!

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