Pregnant Dog Was Saved By Animal Lover A Few Days Before Giving Birth To Beautiful Puppies

God is always fair. The moment we fall into despair, we realize that miracles have been awaiting us. This story below makes you believe that everything will be fine as long as there’s hope.

The amazing story began at an animal shelter called Charlotte where the smart and lovely dog Emma stayed. Unluckily, this was not a no-kill shelter, one day Emma realized something out of ordinary was happening to her. Emma was scared when she found herself on the waiting list of being euthanized.

Image Credits: Bored Daddy
This was supposed to be the end of her life or as she thought but Nicholas R., an animal lover, appeared and changed her life forever. Nicholas thought he could able to take care of the dog. So he decided to contact Dorsey Patrick, the Director and Founder of Jesse’s Place, who has the authority and was willing to help Nicholas adopt Emma.

Image Credits: Bored Daddy
Nicholas wrote a letter to the organization showing his interest in caring and that he had enough responsibility to adopt this sweet girl. “I am very patient, calm, gentle and have many times. time to work with her. My last saved boy died in 2016 from cancer ”.

Image Credits: Bored Daddy
suddenly unexpected events happened, the little girl was saved into the loving embrace of the kind man. Nevertheless, at that time no one knew that God had sent another gift to her and her adopter. The dog was pregnant! A few days after, to her owner’s surprise, Emma gave birth to 6 chubby and healthy puppies. Not only did Nicholas do a great thing for the sake of Emma, but he also saved her children.
Emma and the children are in postnatal care, the children seem to be a little too active kids as they grow up. May the whole family will be blessed by the Lord.

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