Pregnant Dog Was Reluctant To Give Birth In Shelter

There are many dogs that each spend their days in a shelter waiting for the right people to invite them to know true love.

Although they have a roof and food next to wonderful people who care about them, these furry ones want to feel really special and be part of the life of someone who loves them unconditionally.

The labor of a female dog can last between 3 and 12 hours.

Luckily, there are many animal lovers who open the doors of their homes to provide new opportunities for the most vulnerable puppies.

Chris and Mariesa are a furry-loving couple, although they already have 12 dogs at home, they continue to visit different shelters to change the lives of more dogs.

When the dog’s vulva begins to swell, she is going into labor.

On one of their visits, they met Storie, a sweet pregnant dog who was waiting for a stroke of luck so she could give birth to her young far from the shelter.

Storie was about to give birth but was refusing to go into labor under the shelter’s conditions. When Chirs and Mariesa saw her, they knew she was the right dog to take home.

Female dogs also feel contractions that can cause great pain.

Due to her condition, it seemed that she could give birth at any time, the couple wanted to make sure that it happened in a totally comfortable and arranged place for her.

After leaving the shelter, they took her to the vet where they performed an ultrasound. Incredibly sweet Storie had 12 babies inside her womb.

It is recommended to prepare a small space for the dog to give birth.

Chris and Mariesa prepared everything for the dog to give birth at home, soon the 12 puppies would know the outside world.

But it didn’t take long for Storie to go into labor, just 18 hours after taking her out of the shelter the new mom was giving birth in a loving home.

His tender story has touched thousands of hearts.

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