Pregnant Dog Displaying Various Poses For Photo

What you will see now will take you to the depths of your soul, because you have never even been able to imagine it. This pregnant dog showed everyone how to take pictures correctly to be not only tacky but also incredibly beautiful.

Meet Lilika – a flawless mom-to-be who is delighted with her “interesting position”. The owner of the most photogenic dog in the world asked Brazilian photographer Anna Paolo Grilo to photograph his beautiful puppy before she looked like it. By the way, the day after this moving photo shoot, Lilika gave birth to five puppies.

According to the photographer, she understood and felt Babs totally from the first look at each other. “She did sexy poses. I’ve never seen anything like it. “Says Anna.


As a commentator once remarked on the red carpet, nothing beautifies like the imminent appearance of a child and, in this case, 5 puppies. And it looks like Lilika knew that.


She is not only carried beautiful and bizarre poses, but in every way possible showed the whole palette of emotions in her face.


Check out this wonderful photo that rivals the best celebrity models in its appeal. Well, isn’t she cute?

After the dogs were born, Anna said they were all attached to the families of friends and acquaintances. Although Lilika didn’t want to let them go all the way. After all, nothing beats a mother’s love and affection.


Looks like a lot of people should learn from this dog!


And here is a photo of a young mother.

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