Postman Saves An Elderly Dog ​​That Was About To Die

Postman Nate Ohlman was just having another day’s work on a hard winter morning, as usual, when he was surprised by a puppy freezing to death.

He was delivering mail in a neighborhood in Missouri (USA), when suddenly something caught his attention, he saw an elderly dog ​​that was freezing to death, on a sidewalk.

There the temperature rarely exceeds 10°C, so we can imagine how the Missouri winter punished the poor little dog.

The situation stirred the heart of the postman who decided to intervene in the sad fate of the animal, without thinking twice he took the puppy off the streets and took him to a warmer place, as quickly as possible. Nate tried to get the dog’s attention by making noises and realized he could hear very little, practically deaf.

“I made several noises to get his attention, but he didn’t hear me. I moved closer and gestured for him to come to me, so we got into my mail truck.”

“He was totally exhausted, hungry and cold,” Nate said.

In the truck itself the old dog got a name, Nate named him Sloan. He noticed that the animal was quite tired and thin.

He fed him and then took him to the vet so he could check on Sloan’s actual health.

Nate left the animal at the clinic, where he went through a battery of exams, so Nate went back to his work, as he still had a big day of work ahead of him.

“I went back to work but he wouldn’t leave my mind. I kept thinking all the time if he would be better, if they were taking good care of him,” said the postman.

At the end of his shift Nate got a call from the clinic, the news was good, Sloan had no diseases, he just needed a proper diet so he could improve the weight issue.

When he arrived at the shelter, the volunteers were heartbroken at the pup’s situation. “He was very underweight and had sores all over his body, he could barely stand or walk alone for a long time,” said Tori Fugate, director of the NGO KC Pet Project.

In the weeks following the reception, he began to eat more regularly. His weight was gradually returning to ideal, and the medicines helped in the healing of the wounds, he also regained his hair and muscle health.

Sloan was provisionally adopted by a family a month or so after the foster care, he finished his recovery process at home.

The most amazing thing was that the NGO invited the postman Nate to definitely adopt Sloan, he didn’t think twice and agreed to take care of the puppy.

The mailman was very excited because he was finally able to adopt Sloan, and the meeting of the two after months of recovery was wonderful!

The dog recognized the postman at first and could not contain the emotion, they were licked here, kicked there and joy everywhere!

“Sloan is an elderly dog, I believe he belonged to a family,” he commented. “His manner and attitude are the greatest proof of that. Someone did something inhuman. I want to be as human as possible for him”

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