Poor Puppy Stays With Her Mom On the Roadside Waiting For Her To Get Up

The streets are not a good place for any pet. There are not only cruel people or other animals that fight for a little food or territory willing to face others with the sole purpose of survival; there are also dangerous places, such as roads or highways.

We do not know how many pets can be run over by cars on a daily basis in the world, but if we consider the millions of dogs and cats that live on the streets, the figure should not be low and this is something that we hope can change very soon.

This heartbreaking image touched the heart of the person who came to help this puppy

How many puppies have lost their mother or one of their siblings simply because one of them has been fatally injured by a vehicle when daring to cross a road or highway? The list is long, but that does not make us feel less sad.

A dog had been hit by a car while crossing the street to try to find food for her puppy. Hurt as she was, she managed to crawl to the gutter, where she was reunited with her baby and there, a victim of pain and without immediate help, she died.

The little cub could only sit next to her and wait without knowing what was going on.

In her innocence, like many other dogs, she might have expected to see her mother stand up any moment, but that moment would never come. Her mother was gone and she had to fend for herself.

This poor puppy refused to go on without her mother, look how she was rescued:


Fortunately, a passerby saw this and stopped to call for rescue. The rescue welcomed both the mother and the broken-hearted puppy. The puppy did not drink formula and did not want to have anything to do with anyone or anything.

It was completely closed. They would give the mother a proper burial and attend to the little girl who needed them most.

She refused to receive food, so they had to resort to another way to help her.

At first they thought that the little girl would not make it, as depressed as she was, but they were not willing to give up and they took the commitment of pushing her towards her well-being very seriously and giving her back the illusion of living.

With no other option, they administered fluids intravenously to provide the pup with the necessary nutrition and hydration.

The rescue personnel work constantly to keep her alive, while the dog gradually recovers.

It is still too early to overcome the painful loss of the mother, but we do not doubt that with all the love that she is receiving from those people who care for her, she will definitely do it … And when that day comes, she will find a family that gives her all the love and care that, unfortunately, his mother could not have!

The girl is much better after receiving a little help, but still does not overcome her sadness

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