Poor Cat Was Left To Die After An Evil Driver Hit The Cat And Run

One day, the driver of the car crashed into a cat for his recklessness, but the saddest part of the story was that instead of realizing his mistake and helping, he quickly drove away from the scene and left the cat to die on the corner of the road, not making the slightest effort to help. However, Fortunately, some good people spotted the cat and called DAR Animal Rescue for help.

Ermioni and her friends, the founder of DAR Animal Rescue got the call at late night. They were supposed to meet with friends and catch up on the day. But when hearing that a vulnerable creature is in risk, they changed their plan. They rushed to the scene to help the poor cat. At that moment, every minute was important both for them and the poor animal.

When they arrived, they were upset to see the cat’s situation. He was in a huge shock and was unable to move due to his serious injuries. They placed the cat in a cartoon box, the only option they had at that time. When they were about to leave, a lady came close. She wanted to make sure he was a stray cat. They called the vet to ask her to open her clinic for them.

Screenshot: DAR Animal Rescue
The vet checked the cat and discovered that his back side of the body was severely injured. He had a small injury inside the mouth and had breathing problems. Because of his health problems, he needed to stay at the clinic for a while. He was scared, so everyone tried to calm him down and gain his trust.

Watch the full rescue here:

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