Policemen Find Dog At Car Door Asking For Help

Getting lost is a scary thing that no one should experience.
But the scariest part of getting lost is not knowing if you’ll ever see your loved ones again. It is often seen that stray dogs get lost because they have nowhere to go.

This is one of the examples of lost dogs.

After dealing with a public disorder situation in a neighborhood near the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida (United States), officers Soto and Rose were walking toward patrol when they spotted something strange.

A scared pit bull was waiting for them at the car door, standing on both legs. It surprised them at first, but it did not intimidate the police.

It was clear that this little friend needed help.

The puppy didn’t want any trouble, on the contrary, he needed help because he was lost. Not knowing where his home is, the puppy saw the police car and seems to have understood that this was his only hope.

The matter seemed rather strange and the officers investigated the area in case the dog’s owner was around, but a neighbor said that the dog had been wandering alone for more than 15 minutes.

The poor dog was lost and scared.

This little fellow turned out to be very friendly and as soon as the uniformed men approached, he started jumping up and down and licking their hands. He seemed very happy at their arrival, so Soto and Rose thought that for some strange reason the dog understood perfectly well that they were going to help him.

We don’t know if he recognized the police patrol, but no doubt the animal did the right thing by asking for help from them. At that moment, Rose noticed that behind his badge there was something written, it was his name and an address.

The dog’s name was Hank.

Fortunately, the dog’s decision saved him from a needy fate on the streets. Rose and Soto put him on patrol and began driving to the home of the dog’s supposed owners. Sure enough, that was his address, and Hank’s parents were very excited to see him returned safely.

We are happy with happy endings, but we are also amazed at the intelligence of this dog.

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