Police Stop Traffic Until A Mother Manages To Steer Her Puppies On The Road

Nobody said that being a mother would be an easy thing. And when babies begin to gain freedom of movement, a mother better be in the best physical condition possible, because then the runs will come to ensure the safety of her little ones and avoid an unfortunate accident.

But that’s not just for humans – animal mothers face the same grueling task of ruling their young. And when they seem to be going through a kind of pre-adolescence, where stubbornness and being “stubborn” is their main characteristic, then the heroic parents can really end up giving up.

A mother black bear struggled to convince her four cubs to cross the road

But the mischievous little brothers saw to it that things were extremely difficult for their mother, while she did everything to make them obey her.

Winchester, Connecticut police were forced to stop traffic in both directions this weekend when they encountered the surreal scene that left drivers stunned. And of course, they did not hesitate to take out the camera.

In the scenes initially released by Twitter user @EoinHiggins_, the mother bear can be seen grabbing one of her four cubs by the neck and crossing the street while another adorable cub followed her.

It is really moving to see the little boy jumping behind his mother, the ones that allowed him his little paws.

The bear did not count on her other two stubborn little ones being left behind, playing on a pole. The third puppy realizes that Mom is claiming him from the other side and begins to cross by himself, making the same adorable jumps until he reaches Mom.

So, when it was expected that the fourth puppy would do the same, and the mother was waiting patiently for her little one, something totally unexpected happens and it is also funny and incredible.

The last little one decides that it is much more fun to stay playing on the pole, and not happy with that he decides to climb, as if he wanted to test his mother’s patience.

Then the bear has nothing left to do but cross again to literally bring the stubborn little bear by one ear, without realizing that Oh no! Another of her little ones decided to follow her.

Now the challenge is twofold, his patience begins to run out, and he decides to grab the most mischievous one, and then go back for the other one. But everything seems like a never-ending story; when he takes one forcing him to cross, the other takes two more steps back; And when he comes back for the second, the first seems to get over ready to get back to the fun.

It really makes you want to help her with so many kids that they seem determined to do everything except to obey.

For them, it seems to be a game, while the desperate mother only wants to take them to a safe destination.

In the last attempt, he takes his most stubborn little one as if saying: Enough, I told you to cross and cross!

The other little brother seems to understand the order, and follows it, ready to give up. But what do you think? When they are on the other side, and the mother seemed to have fulfilled her mission, the most stubborn bear runs again in the opposite direction, and his little brother, although fearful, dares and follows his brother in his plan.

Mommy, don’t you catch me?

This time they didn’t get very far, and the determined mother soon brought them both back.

“Aw, he finally got them all,” a woman who recorded the moment is heard saying in the background of the video.

The scenes have reached 11 million views in a few hours and it is no wonder:

Definitely, we can rarely witness such genuine moments in raising such creatures. We are happy that they can live in freedom and in harmony with the people who knew how to be patient, respecting them at all times.

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