Pitbull Puppy Adopts A Bird And Believes It To Be Its Offspring

Peggy is a Pitbull puppy who lives with her family in Coomera, Queensland, Australia, and has shown the meaning of the word love by caring for a Magpie, one of the smartest bird species in the world, that had been in an accident in September of last year.

Juliette Wells was walking with Peggy when the little dog found the magpie unconscious on the ground, at the same moment the woman volunteered to help that bird.

According to the Daily Mail, Juliette along with her partner Reece, contacted a wildlife specialist to ask for advice on bird care. And with a lot of love and care from the couple, the little one recovered within a week.

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“We met a wildlife expert who told us how to take care of it. She slept for the first 24 hours, we didn’t think she could survive it,” said Julette.

Peggy kept to the side of the bird, which was affectionately named Molly, at all times. And because of the bond that the two created during her recovery, the bird did not want to leave her family, even though the couple encouraged her to fly into nature.

“We always leave all the doors and windows open and try to take her back to nature, but she has no interest in leaving us,” said the woman.

The charming couple, stars in a beautiful friendship. And one of the friends’ lovely moments was captured by Juliette, who shared the scene on a TikTok account.

Molly and Peggy are lying hand in hand in an incredible tune. It’s a lot of love! And to think that Peggy didn’t like birds. The video reached 2 million views.

“Before releasing this video to the world, I watched it one more time and knew it would be popular. The numbers started to increase, that’s when I knew this was really special.”

Their love is so strong that Peggy began to generate milk, believing Molly to be her baby. And the bird, in turn, began to peck the little dog to drink. Of course, the behavior is not compatible with the species, so the pit bull started to wear a little outfit to prevent the bird from hurting it by pecking, until the psychological pregnancy passed.

“It’s crazy to think that could happen, but it just shows their incredible bond.”

Check below the moment when the two are holding hands:


The pair have a very strong bond. Always together, they don’t come apart for a minute. And how is it possible for a friendship to happen like this?

Experts believe that this is because we have created a kind of canine companions who are as eager to give as they are to receive affection. So your personality allows you to approach other species. And as we saw in the video above and so many others on the internet, it is possible for the dog to become familiar with animals of other species.

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