Pit Bull Siblings Had An Unfair Start At Life But It All Changed After They Got Adopted By A Nice Family

People always approach pit bulls with prejudice due to their species, to their opinion, because of their ‘aggressive’ behaviour , they are being sold as fighting dogs. The siblings that should have deserved loving homes were essentially facing a life filled with abuse.

Fortunately, a local rescue heard about their owner and intervened.

The rescue group, with help from the authorities, intervened the situation and posted the story to their social media page.

A young woman, named Tawny, saw the puppies’ photos that touched her heart, and fell in love with Keiko. She wanted to adopt Keiko along with his brother Niko but their town had a strict law: only three dogs were allowed per household. Tawny already had two other dogs. She contacted the rescue and within a matter of days, Keiko was welcomed into his forever home.

Keiko was such a sweet puppy but Tawny couldn’t help feeling like something was missing. Still, she got Keiko settled in and he bonded deeply with her other dogs. Unfortunately, though, their oldest pup who had lived a memorable and long life, passed away. They were all torn apart inside. But then, as if fate decided to show itself, Tawny was scrolling through her phone and she saw a photo of Niko with an urgent message. The family who had adopted Niko did not treat him well. The rescue urged for them to bring Niko back and they did. He now needed a new home.

Tawny immediately reached out to the rescue. Now that they were a two-dog family, they knew Niko belonged with them. The rescue agreed. They picked Niko up the next day and brought him home. The poor pup had an unfair start at life. He was sweet but very timid.

The moment Keiko saw Niko for the first time, in their new home together, he immediately knew that this was his brother. He remembered him and that special bond was exactly what Niko needed. Keiko became his best friend and guardian, never leaving his side.

Niko’s first night in his new home was pretty scary. His new mom and dad put him in his new crate with his new blankets and tried to make him feel safe as much as possible. But Keiko knew better. He knew that Niko needed him in order to fall asleep. So Keiko snuck into his crate, cuddled up beside him, and they fell asleep together.

You have to see what happens next! Poor Niko was so traumatized and continued to fight through his emotions– but amazingly, his brother knew exactly what to do in order to change his life for the better. ALL THE FEELS!

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