Pig And Dog Are Adopted Together After Losing Their Owner And Now They Are Inseparable

Friendship arises in the way that one least expects, and sometimes between beings that perhaps we think are not very compatible. A clear example is a pig and a dog, whose owner unfortunately passed away, but they fight to stay together until the end of their days. Losing the human who cared for them was a hard blow to the lives of these creatures, but both decided to come out in front of such a tragedy. The pig is called Penelope and the dog is called Ruby Sue.

These animals live in Ohio, Arizona, United States, and had led a happy life until the death of their owner got in their way. Sadly, Penelope and Sue were facing double pain. Well, they didn’t know what was going to happen to them. It was unfair that they ended up separated anywhere, so a kind-hearted woman decided to intervene. Together with her family, Jessica decided to receive the pig and the pit bull temporarily, since they were the pets of a very close neighbor. Therefore, she was not a stranger to the peculiar couple either.

“We have been taking care of them for the last week when their owner, my close friend and neighbor passed away suddenly. I have always been their caretaker when he was away, and of course close to them since we lived next door, “explained Jessica. The girl did not know how difficult it could be to find a family for them, but she was clear that she could not separate them. The little pig was very fond of the pit bull and vice versa. So when sharing the tragic story of these friends, he stressed that anyone interested should bet on taking both of them home.

The union between these animals is surprising and Jessica points out that it is very likely that they themselves do not know what differentiates them from each other. So she promised to keep them together. “I don’t think they know that they are a pit bull and a pig. They are simply sisters. That’s one thing I promised the girls who lost their father, that we were going to find a house where they would be together forever, ”says Jessica. After the story went public, the young woman began receiving more adoption requests than she originally thought.

It seems that the case touched many people, but it was their responsibility to ensure that the pig and her friend went to a suitable home where they would be assured of much happiness. They are both creatures that like the outdoors. So it was necessary that those interested had a large backyard or preferably a farm where they could play quietly. Another thing the woman paid attention to was the members of the families of those concerned. It turns out that the dog is very protective of the pig and tends to get along well with other dogs but does not feel great empathy for cats. So Jessica preferred to choose applicants who did not have many pets at home and less a feline.

As for living with the pig, it seems that the matter was simpler given the personality of Penelope who enjoys living with everyone. So, after a long process, these creatures were finally adopted by a couple who promised to give them a lot of love and never separate them.

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