Photographer Fulfills His “Crazy Dream” Of Swimming With Polar Bears And The Animals React

If you like to observe wildlife in photographs, you will know that behind each scene captured there are years of waiting and a lot of money invested. Above all, for those who illustrate the unfathomable and mysterious underwater world.

Amos Nachoum is a photographer of Israeli origin, who is currently one of the most recognized in his field. He has dived among sharks, blue whales and killer whales, from Antarctica to the High Arctic for many years, managing to capture spectacular images with his lens.

His fame grew even more recently, when it was known that he managed to fulfill a dream as particular as it was mind-boggling that haunted him: to be the first wildlife photographer to swim and photograph polar bears.

What makes the difference in Nachoum’s work is that this man does not use protective cages. He does not see sharks as a risk, despite being the Great White considered one of the fiercest animals on the planet. He says that fear helps him to be alert.

“Fear makes me alert, it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything. I wanted to show in an image what it means to deal with the Great White. If we don’t provoke them we can be with them peacefully. There are no demons in the sea, “he told a radio program.

From a very young age, in his native Tel Aviv, Nachoum learned photography. Later he worked with local fishermen who taught him to dive. After the end of the Arab-Israeli war, he moved to the United States where he began photographing other tourist divers.

With the intention of fulfilling his cherished dream, the photographer resolutely headed towards the Arctic. Once installed and, with the help of a guide, he managed to spot a male polar bear and, without hesitation, he jumped into the water camera in hand.

“You always need a very good guide and a lot of experience before doing something like this, because there is a possibility of an accident,” Nachoum further said in the interview.

Amos knew that due to their weight and body fat level, these animals were not capable of diving deeper than 10 meters. The wind was pushing hard, as the polar bear got closer and closer to his ship.

Once the animal got within twenty feet of him, Nachoum dove, but as he did so he realized that the bear followed him down to 17 meters, and concern began to creep into him. Both reached 22 meters deep, until the animal disappeared from their sight.

A budget of one million euros had to be well justified, so Nachoum did not give up his efforts and, for four days, he continued searching. It was in the last 24 hours of his trip that he was lucky enough to see a mother bear with her two cubs, whom he managed to capture for the first time submerged. His dream came true!

Share these sensational images with your loved ones. Amos Nachoum is a photographer committed to capturing the most unusual episodes of the animal world. Although, at times, he has to risk his own life to show us such beautiful moments.

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