Photographer Captures The Tears Of Sadness Of a Dog Suspecting That They Would Put Her To Sleep

Many insist that seeing a puppy with tears of anguish and despair rolling down its cheeks is impossible for it to happen, since they assure that animals “have no feelings.”

They have no idea how wrong they are, and as far-fetched as it may seem, it’s definitely the most heartbreaking thing there is.

Although they fill their mouths assuring that puppies “cannot love or feel”, from Zoorprendente we have reviewed stories of dozens of puppies, who with a broken heart, have even expressed with tears of pain how much they are suffering.

This dog was captured shedding tears of anguish as she suspected the worst


Countless innocent dogs are in danger of being put to sleep forever at any moment in shelters and kennels around the world.

Many times, not having enough to have avoided certain death after being abandoned to their fate, ending up in those places can be much worse for them.

Nearly 4 million dogs enter shelters each year and about 1.2 million dogs are placed on the euthanasia list

It was precisely the sad fate that awaited a poor little dog who seemed to know exactly what could happen to her.

After being abandoned at the shelter, tears streamed down her face.

That’s when the High Plains Humane Society (HPHS), an organization that visits shelters to photograph dogs in need of adoption or rescue, discovered the harrowing scene.

They were visiting the City of Portales shelter when they captured the most devastating photograph, which revealed the tragic expression of a little dog looking at the camera through the bars of her cage.

HPHS spread the image on Facebook without imagining the effect it would have

As she stood clinging with her little paws to the bars, with a sad and defeated expression on her face, it seemed as if she had tears in her eyes.

This definitely made their situation even more bleak.

However, it’s worth noting that research has shown that dogs don’t actually produce tears from sadness, and if they have fluid coming out of their eyes, it probably means something is wrong.

Dogs generally express their sadness by making sounds or screeches that we understand as crying

But still, even if this adorable little dog wasn’t actually crying, the expression on her face was so revealing, that she was crying out for urgent help.

Without fear of being wrong, we could assure that the dog clearly saw that her end was near, and she was reluctant to cross the rainbow bridge without first experiencing the love of a family.


It was thus that her image managed to touch millions of hearts. And a few hours after being published, she was adopted after the phone number of the shelter collapsed with the multiple calls that incessantly asked for her.


From the vault, they posted the following update:

The image went viral with over 100,000 views and thousands of shares overnight. The happy news is that she was adopted the very next day.”

Although the events happened in 2015, it is wonderful to know that this little dog, deserving of all the love in the world, no longer has such a sad look on her face and now she has been enjoying full love in her new home for 6 years.

It’s great to think that she will no longer have to suffer through mysterious footsteps that are approaching, perhaps leading her to death row.

The footsteps that she now hears and that she is so grateful for, are from her human parents, to take her for a walk, to give her a good bath, or simply to caress and kiss her. Isn’t that the best of endings?

May her devastating look never forget us because surely there are more puppies in her same painful circumstances, begging to be adopted. It is worth changing their life, since they have a lot of love to give and it is not fair that they suffer like this!

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