Petrified Wood Containing Turquoise Opal Discovered in Australia

Gemstones are unique characteristics with bright, transparent colors. Opal is particularly famous because of its diverse shapes and forms, and it has become the theme and inspiration of many artists and writers.

Initially, the stone’s name came from the Greek word “Opalios,” which means “perceive color change,” referring to the ability to change color when reflecting light.

Because of their unique features, opal stones are also known to be expensive, and the rarest ones are the darker shades.

If you are looking for opals, Australia would be an ideal place, and Boulder opals are the most exotic opals you can find. It is also called the “Rainbow Tree” because this rare stone can show all the rainbow colors. In Australia, the mine has been producing opal since the 1890s, and industry soon developed around it.

The most widespread use of opal is in jewelry production, but many people also use it as a source of crystal therapy and balance human energy.

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