Perished Mother Dog Protects Her Puppies With Her Body After One Was Stolen

Life for a homeless mother dog can be downright tough. And when puppies are added to the equation, everything becomes a real nightmare.

Not only do they have to worry about desperately seeking a safe haven to protect what they love most, but they often have to endure the indifference of people, and even the inclemency of real human scourges that dare to harm them.

Stephanie Brooks was walking through New Jersey, United States, when the scene of a dog with a puppy hanging from her snout completely devastated her.

Luckily, she knew she needed to call for help right away and contacted Hope For Paws rescuers.

The mother dog protected her babies with all her might because one had already been stolen

It seemed that it was a young street girl who had just given birth. Stephanie had captured the pup and was keeping her safe in a small area of her house, along with her other puppies.

When the rescuers arrived they found a deeply harrowing scene, the mother strongly protected her babies with her body, so getting her out of there would be a complicated task.

She was too scared to do anything but growl, but deep down she wanted to be helped.

With the help of a trap, they finally managed to lift her out of there. But she did it carefully, making sure not to step on her babies.

The way the mother approached her rescuers made it clear to them that she was a tremendously sweet little dog, and they in turn spoke to her saying that they did not want to hurt her, and that they were there to help her.

She got the message, and unbelievably even allowed her 7 babies to be maneuvered, but sadly one passed away.

They called her Jade because she was like a precious diamond

The rescuers saw that it would be the right time to transfer the mother and the little ones to their shelter, to attend to them and that no more life be lost.

They had to do it by showing the mother her puppies all the time, otherwise she would get very anxious and desperate. Poor dear!

Once at the veterinary clinic, they fortunately confirmed that all the puppies were healthy and did not require further care.

But even though everything seemed to be going great, Jade was still showing signs of indescribable anguish. And the rescuers could not understand what could be happening to him.

The next day, a call from Stephanie changed everything. She told rescuers that a neighbor had apparently taken one of her babies, thinking she could take care of it on her own.

However, the realization that he had separated the baby from his mother weighed him down so much that he confessed what he had done.

The poor mother silently cried for her little one and did not know how to tell her heroes that she was missing a baby. That was how they immediately arranged for Jade to reunite with her lost baby.

Everything seemed to be put back together in the mother’s heart, it was the missing piece and how happy she felt now with her complete litter.

Watch the moment this admirable mother is finally reunited with her pup:

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