Penguins Accidentally Took Selfie After They Found Camera In Antartica

Expeditions to the Antarctic are always full of surprises because it is such a distant territory that still offers a whole lot of more uncharted land.

Eddie Gault who is an Australian, went on an expedition there and took his camera with him to take pictures of penguin colonies. out of these interesting photos he managed to take, he also ended up having a photo of penguins taking a selfie.

Gault visited Auster Rookery and wanted to document a group of Emperor penguins, left his camera near them to record their daily lives. After he left his camera there, one of the penguins approached the camera, and as can be seen in the photo, a penguin knocked the camera over and accidentally took a selfie together with other penguins.

If you don’t know much information about Emperor penguins, they are the largest penguin species on the planet and can have an average height of 45 inches.

They can also live up to 20 years and are also used to live in extreme conditions, such as the Antarctic weather conditions. Emperor penguins live in colonies and their breeding season is in Winter, a time when female penguins lay their eggs and leave them in the care of the male penguins.

If you want to learn more about Emperor penguins you can find a lot of footage taken at Auster Rookery on the Internet.

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