Owner Spends $300 to Treat His Dog’s Limping, Later Finds out He was Imitating Him out of Sympathy

Every once in a while, our beloved pets will prove that they are sweeter and more compassionate than some people. That being said, please meet Bill. He is a slacker from London. Out of sympathy, he has been imitating the behavior of his injured master.

Recently, an owner named Russell Jones shared a heart-pounding but lively video on Facebook, capturing a dog that imitated his behavior while walking around him. In a short period, received more than 11,000 likes and 26,000 shares within a few days.

Meet Bill—a lurcher from London who’s recently proved himself to be even more sympathetic than some people

For a while, this doggy has been imitating his injured owner’s limp out of pure compassion

“But dogs not only imitate other dogs—they copy what we do as well. What’s even crazier is that they have been known to do so even when the imitation doesn’t benefit them,” Cesar’s Way explains on their webpage.

The owner paid around $400 in vet fees and X-rays only to find out there was, in fact, nothing wrong with his dog

In just a few days, Russell’s Facebook video received over 11k likes along with 26k shares

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