Orangutans Became Friends With The Otters That Sometimes Visits Their Enclosure At The Zoo

The friendship between different animal species is always a precious thing to see. This time it happened between a family of orangutans and a few otters in a zoo in Belgium, and it stole everyone’s hearts.

The two saw each other when the staff of Pairi Daiza Zoo in Brugelette made the otter river pass through the orangutan enclosure. Since then, a wonderful and almost enchanting bond has created between the two species.

The lovely photos speak for themselves, so take a look and get ready to fall in love.


An orangutan family has befriended a group of otters at Pairi Daiza Zoo in Belgium

This is Dad Ujian, who is 24 years old

He has an especially strong bond with otters

This is Berani, 4 years old, who loves to play with his friends and is adorable

Berani is very curious and loves to play hide-and-seek

“There are two important factors in the welfare of an animal in captivity: the size and quality of its enclosure. This means that the animal must be entertained, and occupied mentally, emotionally and physically at all times.”

“Berani and Ujian have a special bond with their neighbours. This makes life more fun and interesting for both species, which makes the experiment successful.”

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