Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Rocking Journey in “Up Around The Bend”

“Up Around the Bend” and “Run Through the Jungle” are both popular songs by the American rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). These tracks were released on the same single in 1970 and were also included in the band’s album “Cosmo’s Factory.”

“Up Around the Bend” is an upbeat rock song with a catchy guitar riff and energetic vocals. Written by CCR’s lead singer and songwriter John Fogerty, the song reflects a sense of adventure and the anticipation of something exciting happening just around the corner. Its lively melody and optimistic tone made it a hit, reaching high positions on the music charts in various countries.

“Run Through the Jungle,” on the other hand, has a darker and more mysterious tone. The song’s lyrics are often interpreted as a commentary on the Vietnam War and the social and political unrest of the time. The haunting guitar riff and Fogerty’s distinctive vocal style contribute to the song’s eerie atmosphere. Despite its enigmatic lyrics, the track became a commercial success and is considered one of CCR’s signature songs.

Both “Up Around the Bend” and “Run Through the Jungle” showcase CCR’s musical versatility and Fogerty’s songwriting prowess. They continue to be popular among fans of classic rock and are frequently featured on radio stations and in movies, reaffirming their status as enduring classics in the rock genre.

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