Nobody Dares To Disturb Dogs Who Is Protecting Their Owner Near ATM

It’s very risky to use ATMs generally, Using it during night hours doubles the risk percentage. That’s why cubicles have been constructed and protecting dogs have been assigned on duty. But people took the responsibility of their safety on themselves and have put their dogs to protect them at all costs.

It is proven that this way is very effective. When people take a first look at these big friends, they don’t even think to come near their human. All it asks in return is a treat. “This is a good strategy. I would be way too distracted trying to pet the dogs to steal her information,” one social media user said.

Photos that people have positioned their dogs to protect them from risks at ATM can be seen all over the internet.

Here are some dogs who took their job seriously and protecting their humans from any risk as long as they stay near ATM.

#1 Don’t even think about it -_-

#2 When you have security at ATM

#3 I’ll always be watching her back. So just mind your own business.

#4 Two-sided tank system

#5 Using ATM with 2 guards for protection

#6 Self-protecting and treat-fed system

#7 Doing his job and watching the owner’s back

#8 The petite guard is watching you

#9 Using ATM safely with my boys at the lookout

#10 ATM security at its best


#11 Guaranteed security. It’s tried and tested.

#12 Personal dog guard

#13 Best security guard

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