Mysterious Camouflage Expert Is Baffled When A Man Discovers It

Nature sometimes surprises us with wonders, although its origin often remains an undisclosed mystery.

This story is one of those wonders that has left many with their mouths open, it is about a strange and tiny animal, but it really is not known who was more surprised if the same animal after realizing that they had seen it, or Dieter Muller.

The unexpected encounter happened when Dieter and his wife were staying near a national park in South Africa and a small visitor decided to greet them.

This mysterious visitor was first seen by Dieter’s wife, who was so shocked that she couldn’t help screaming.

“I could hear in my wife’s voice that it was something urgent, it was a special situation,” Dieter said.

Dieter was quick to investigate what was going on, immediately ran to grab his camera and then leaned in to look at the strange little animal up close.

It was a little bug totally unknown to the Mullers, the couple had never seen such a little animal. Its body had a tree-like texture, it was clearly designed to blend in against tree branches or trunks and go unnoticed.

The strange intruder never thought he was going to land in a hostel room, a place that would obviously expose him.

“He was out of his camouflaged environment, which was the only way we would see him,” Dieter said.

This tiny animal and costume expert seemed genuinely surprised that someone finally noticed, and suddenly not only were the couple in awe, but the mysterious visitor seemed to share the sentiment.

“He was just as curious about us, he turned his head to look at me and follow my movements,” Dieter said.

Dieter was unable to pin down what species this little bug was, despite his exhaustive search on the Internet. His first thought was that it was a Bark Mantis, but he wasn’t sure because it didn’t seem to look the same.

Although the strange bug and Dieter were curious about each other, the little animal’s interest disappeared faster than his. After a few minutes the unexpected visit ended.

“He got bored and went to a nearby tree, and I completely lost him because of his amazing camouflage,” Dieter said.

Dieter will never be able to forget this short and strange encounter, to this day he is very curious to know what species the insect belongs to, which not only understood his amazement, but also showed that he was surprised, actually the little animal made an expression that Dieter still keeps on your mind.

“It’s amazing to think that there are still animals or insects that are so rare that people are not immediately sure what they are, even with Google nearby,” Dieter added.

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