Mother Nutria Keeps Her Puppy Dry On Her Belly

This devoted mother otter found an interesting way to keep her cub dry by letting it crawl onto her belly.

Nature photographer Suzi Eszterhas, 40, spotted the adorable pair of southern sea otters swimming in Monterey Bay, California.

The mother otter lifted the cub out of the water and placed him on her belly to keep him warm and dry. The loving mother also blew air into the puppy’s fur to dry it. Ms. Eszterhas said that she was surprised to see the otters approach where she was standing.

He saw how the mother left her son floating alone in the water. Young otters have a native coat of fur that helps them float unaided while their mother searches for small animals below the surface.

“Sometimes she would swim to the dock and leave her puppy floating on the surface of the water right in front of me while she looked for food.”

“She did this multiple times; she made me feel like a babysitter. She was adorable and it also showed how vulnerable and trustworthy wild animals can be. ‘

There are nearly 3,000 sea otters living along the California coast, all of them descendants of a colony of 50 otters discovered in 1938.

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