Monito Visits And fills The Sick Old Lady Who Used To Go To Feed Him With Hugs And Love

The loyalty of animals such as dogs is a topic that can never be discussed, but in social networks a little monkey has managed to move the most stubborn hearts by visiting an old woman who took care of him in the past.

The images show that not only dogs have that sense of fidelity, but that in the world there are many beings willing to return that love you gave them and this macaque is one of them.

The recording of the monkey has not stopped falling in love with everyone on social networks.

In the video of almost a minute, two women appear in a room, one of them is lying on a bed and does not appear to be in very good health.

She is an older person but with a big smile when she sees a familiar monkey next to her. It turns out that the mammal in question was a macaque that she had helped for a while.

The creature had come to visit her.

The video that has thousands of views on YouTube appears to be about a scene in a community in India, due to the women’s clothing.

The little monkey missed the woman who used to feed him and after a long time without seeing her, he seems to have arrived unexpectedly at the house. The matter surprised everyone, not only the grandmother but the relative who is very close to the door.

With her hands together and great joy, the woman enjoys the moving scene.

There was no way not to feel excited when seeing how the monkey climbs up to the bed of the old woman and greets her. She immediately begins to caress him and it is at that moment that the mammal climbs on her weak body.

Despite her illness, the grandmother enjoys that overflowing love of the little animal that behaves like a real child.

Their reactions make this recording a very particular video.

The monkey climbs on top of her and hugs her, the grandmother hugs her back, but then the restless animal begins to play like his face as if he were a baby playing with his mother.

The truth is that the creature seems quite hyperactive but it is precisely those energies that infected the women and gave the patient a good dose of love and emotion.

Without a doubt, love is the best medicine for anyone and this scene reflects this.

Before leaving, the monkey puts his hand on the woman’s forehead as if he were giving her some kind of blessing or perhaps it was his way of saying “thank you” for everything she had done for him.

We do not know but the truth is that after this the macaque starts his flight.

As fast as he arrived he left, climbing through the door to leave again to freedom and return to his habitat where he should always be.

We do not know if the animal visited the sweet old woman again, but the truth is that this moment will be one that she will never forget and that she will treasure in her heart.

Happy the netizens that thanks to the Internet we can enjoy scenes like these.

Love is something that drives the world to do wonderful things and all living beings are capable of feeling it and showing it through gestures like this.

The gratitude of this little monkey left us impressed, as well as his memory. Although he had not seen her for a long time, it seems that he always remembered the good woman who used to feed him and a visit to her house to fill her with affection was his best way of thanking her for everything.

Humans have a lot to learn from animals and gratitude and loyalty are some of the things that man should emulate.

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