Heart’s Musical Brilliance Shines in “Straight On”

“Straight On” is a song by the American rock band Heart. It was released in 1978 on their album “Dog & Butterfly.” The song was written by Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, and Sue Ennis.

“Straight On” features a powerful and energetic rock sound, with a catchy guitar riff and strong vocals by Ann Wilson. The lyrics of the song have been interpreted in various ways, but they are generally thought to convey a sense of determination and resilience in the face of challenges. The protagonist addresses someone who has been dishonest and deceitful, asserting their own strength and independence.

Musically, the song is characterized by its driving rhythm, dynamic guitar work, and Ann Wilson’s soulful and commanding vocals. The track showcases the band’s ability to blend rock and folk elements, creating a sound that is both melodic and powerful.

“Straight On” became one of Heart’s notable hits and has been a staple of their live performances. Its infectious melody and empowering lyrics have resonated with audiences, making it a classic rock anthem and a favorite among Heart fans.

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