Miraculous Christmas Reunion After Dog Got Kidnapped

A poor little dog thought that he would never be able to return to his owner’s arms after he was stolen from his own home. Fortunately, that did not happen and the reunion brings tears to millions.

Stealing a puppy is a terrible experience that nobody wants to live. Every day that passes are 24 hours full of anguish and worry about not knowing anything about him. We want to believe that the soulless who commit these kinds of injustices do not realize the profound damage they cause.

Sadly, that’s what happened to Mariah Mayflower, when her home was raided while on vacation and her beloved puppy, Hannibal, was taken away.

Although Mariah tried everything she could to track down her furry friend, she couldn’t find him. After a long time, Mariah moved to Tennessee, almost 1,000 miles from her old home.

The puppy cried for its owner after being robbed by some heartless


But everything changed when she received a call from a friend to let her know that he had seen a furry man very similar to Hannibal. Without hesitating a second, Mariah decided to set out on the journey to find out if it was her beloved puppy.

“It’s been a long road without you, but I’m so happy you’re home,” Mariah said.

Every day without knowing about Hannibal was like a breath that tried to extinguish the light of hope to be able to hug him again.

The woman never gave up hope of getting her beloved puppy back

Every night Mariah went to bed hoping to find her four-legged friend, and fortunately the miracle happened at one of the best times of the year. After two years without hearing from her dog, this wonderful encounter Mariah called it a “Christmas miracle.”

A true miracle of love

The emotional meeting was recorded in a wonderful video that you can not stop watching, they are really moving images.

Hannibal couldn’t contain the excitement of seeing who his human mother had been again. It is lovely!

Despite the joy of the reunion, there was something that worried Mariah again, who was surprised by a strange lump she found on the puppy’s neck.

When Mariah saw her Hannibal again she immediately checked him to confirm his health. That mass was synonymous with that something was not quite right.

Although she was happy to have it back, something was definitely not going well.

Hannibal had to undergo surgery to remove this strange mass and perform a biopsy.

Another blow for Mariah, who did not have the money to comply with the treatment for her puppy, but if this human mother was clear about something it was that she was not going to give up, and decided to start a campaign to raise enough money to attend the Hannibal needs.

She wanted to appeal to the hearts of the people to be able to save her dog

Mariah opened an account at Go Fundme with the goal of raising $ 600 and thanks to the generosity of everyone who collaborated she surpassed $ 800.

“Two and a half years ago Hannibal was separated from his family after his home was raided. He was recently reunited with his family after such a long time, and they found him with a mass on his neck, “he wrote in the description of the campaign.

Mariah is very happy to have her pet again and hopes that he can regain his health.

This moving story shows us that miracles do exist. What joy that this puppy returned to the arms of its owner, from where it should never have been snatched!

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