Meet Ippo, A Very Special Zonkey, Half-Zebra, Half-Donkey (+7 Pics)

Ippo is a very rare and super cute half-zebra, half-donkey who was born in Florence, Italy.

The breed is called zonkey and is a result of a male zebra and female donkey cross-breeding.

there are different cross-breed of a zebra and any other member of the horse family which we call Zebroids.

But Ippo’s case is rare and she is the only zonkey in the whole of Italy.

Ippo’s parents met on an animal reserve in Florence. His father, Marin the zebra, mischievously jumped over the fence to enter the area of the endangered donkeys of Amiata.

He then mated with Ippo’s mother, Giada, a donkey, and 12 months on, and then, Ippo opened his eyes in the world!

Ippo carries features from both his parents, both in terms of appearance and personality.

They are unluckily infertile due to an odd number of chromosomes which affect a key process of reproduction.

Still, Ippo should be able to live a healthy and full life.

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