MEET Biggest British Shorthair Cat (VIDEO)

Phoebe is the name of the one I received yesterday. She is so soft that I sat petting her for almost an hour and she didn’t move till she fell asleep. These cats have a preference for one person in the household. That does not imply that they are antagonistic to others. They are friendly, gorgeous cats who will seldom harm you unless they are unhappy or agitated, but I definitely suggest them as the ideal companion.

I regrettably lost her a few months ago due to stomach difficulties; we wanted to do what was best for Pheobe and had to say goodbye. I think about her every day and miss her every day. I still suggest these kitties; even after they’re gone, they live on in the heart.

British Blues are my all-time favorite cats because I like their laid-back nature and their soft coats. I used to have one called Ruby, but she died when she was 11 years old in 2013, and I still mourn her terribly! Your cat is adorable!

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