Man Tries His Best To Warm A Quivering Pigeon Outside His Window

While spending a cold day inside his home in Sultangazi, Turkey, Sabahattin Yılmaz noticed someone standing on the marble eaves outside his window. A trembling pigeon that apparently had not found shelter from the rain.

When he saw the defenseless bird suffering from the inclement weather, the man tried to help in a very creative way, and instead of trying to get the pigeon into his house, he provided heat using a hair dryer for about 15 minutes.


Pequeña paloma temblando
Imagen/ YOUTUBE / TV100The good deed of this man was captured by a passerby who recorded the entire scene that in a short time went viral on social networks. The main media of the town contacted Sabahattin with the intention of knowing more about his moving action with the bird.


Sabahattin told CNN TURK:

“[The pigeon] recovered after warming it up a bit. I also gave him bird food. [I heated it] again after 15 minutes. After the bird recovered well and ate its food, it flew away.

Hombre ayuda a paloma temblando
Twitter/ @ulaknews

Although it is a single dove, this man’s action reminds us of the good of humanity and in the case of Sabahattin it had a valuable meaning.

Sabahattin added:

She has a life too. I did it because of that”.

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