Man Travels World With His Adorable Friend After The Death Of His Precious Friend

Tom Hurich is a man who decided to change his life in this world, he took the risk of adding adventures and experiences, leaving behind his routine life.

This idea of a nomad came to him after realizing that life is ephemeral and that only a small thing is enough for everything to change, and that is that, effectively, over time, we are no longer the same and many of the people we love are no longer is it so.

Man decides to travel the world accompanied by an adorable puppy


For this man everything changed after one of his closest friends died, it was then that he realized that we are fleeting beings in the face of the immensity of the universe, so he really began to live, for this, he considered embarking on an epic journey completely alone .Tomó su mochila, empacó unas mudad de ropa, un par de zapatos deportivos, algunas provisiones extras y comenzó a caminar por el mundo.

For Tom, traveling the world was more than a necessity, it was a tribute to his absent friend.

Yes, just as you read, this man decided to travel the world on foot. For four months he traveled from one city to another, met many people and was surprised by the cultural variety that lives among us and that we are often unaware of.

However, he realized that something was missing on his trip, more than something it was someone who would become his perfect companion and accomplice in adventure. Of course, nothing better than a puppy to add love and unforgettable memories to such a daring trip.

A puppy is always the best travel companion, of life.

When the man arrived in Austin, Texas, he visited an adoption center, where he met an adorable being who immediately stole his gaze and conquered his heart. A beautiful puppy named Savannah, without hesitation, the man filled out the adoption form and made him the protagonist of his journey.

This duo began a journey on foot that has taken them to travel more than 28 thousand kilometers in five years. They have an established route, walking for 8 hours a day and then resting, this routine has made it possible for them to get to know 35 countries.

Together with Savannah, he enjoyed the cultural diversity that is latent in our world.

This couple’s first experience as a nomad was crossing from Texas to Mexico. Here they were captivated by the tequila, the mariachis and the pencas. When they finished embracing the Mexican culture, they walked 38 kilometers for 72 days until they reached South America and part of the Caribbean coast.

The man comments that Costa Rica was the most challenging stage of the trip, it seemed like a very humid and windless place.

An adventure that took them to travel thousands of kilometers and 35 countries.

Despite the cultural clashes that Tom and his faithful dog may face, they enjoy each experience to the fullest.

However, one day everything changed when Savannah collapsed with a nosebleed. Fortunately, several local citizens helped him so that his puppy received veterinary medical attention.


After a review, the veterinarian informed him that his faithful travel companion almost died from a tick bite. Fortunately, Savannah was a strong little dog and managed to recover.

The journey of this pair culminated in South America and part of the Caribbean to embark on new adventures on another continent. After two long years of walking, they took a boat to Antarctica where they continued their journey to Europe. Tom takes a brief look back and comments that the two things everyone wants is a little money and spending time with their family.

It is a blessing for him to be able to count on a furry little one whom he loves like family and with whom he has had great adventures.

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