Man Shows Farm Animals Are More Than Foods

Animals are very sensitive, emotional beings and have individual personalities that distinguish them. And we are not only talking about pets, but also about all those who would like to experience what a pleasant life truly is, especially those that we see as food. That is why this man shows everyone that farm animals are more than food.

Joar Berge, known as ‘The Cow Whisperer’ or ‘Granjero de Bigote‘ (Mustache Farmer), is willing to show that these animals are full of love. Well, for him, all farm animals are amazing, intelligent, loving creatures, and most importantly, they make the best pets. Without forgetting that they must have the appropriate place to live, but their main objective is to be able to demonstrate that these animals are not food.

The farmer wants everyone to realize how special these animals are and to be more conscientious when it comes to eating. “Saving an animal doesn’t change the whole world, but the whole world changes for this animal,” says Joar. The man grew up in a small town in Odenwald, Germany, so his entire childhood was surrounded by animals on the farm. Back then, Joar was surrounded by goats, chickens, geese, ducks, and even ostriches, but his best friend was a cow named Rexi.

Joar adopted the cow when it was just a calf and they created a very special bond, they spent their days together taking walks around the farm. She was so confident that even Joar would ride her from time to time for walks, without even being trained. However, it seemed that his love for animals was something that intuitively touched the hearts of Rexi and the other animals. As is normal in a dairy farm, one day Rexi had to leave, Joar was still too young and did not understand some things, so he could not save her.

When he was young, Joar’s interests changed a bit and he decided to move to the city to have a different lifestyle. Despite having many different experiences, the special connection he had with animals and nature was present in his life. He knew that at some point in his life he would have many cows and save many animals. “At some point it became clear to me that it was time to start the journey back to my roots. For this reason, I returned to my old home and quickly rescued two young cattle, Emma and Dagi, ”he said.

From that moment, the farmer enjoys the days next to his animals and experiences how pleasant it is to live in the middle of nature. Joar spends a lot of time with his cows, trains them, takes care of them and even plays with them. “The deep connection with my cow friends led me to a purely plant-based, vegan lifestyle. A natural process when you start to see them differently, “added the man. Some people ask him if his life is as beautiful as he imagined it, and he only answers no, as it is better than that.

Besides the large number of cows, there are many other animals on his farm. Like rabbits, oxen, horses, birds, pigs, etc… They are all treated as they deserve, because their love for animals knows no limits, and they just want to show that farm animals are excellent companions. Simply put, Joar wants to show people that farm animals are just as loving as pets.

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