Man Caught On Camera Trying To Calm The Cow Down After She Lost Her Calf

Animals, like humans, may face various difficulties throughout their lives and lose the things that are important to them.

The saddest of these losses is losing their children, especially for mothers.

Benjamin Tipps was visiting his mother-in-law’s home in Texas on Mother’s Day, when he saw and knew he had to stop and help a mama cow in need.
In a field nearby his family’s home a cow had been going through a tough and long labor which has lasted several days.

Despite her hard effort her calf didn’t survive and all the sad cow could do was lay on the ground and say goodbye to her baby.
Benjamin was so moved by her harsh loss that he went to comfort the cow and lay with her, holding the sad mom while she went through every parent’s worst nightmare.

His actions were caught on camera and shared on social media alongside the words: “What a great heart this man has. This momma cow lost her baby yesterday and Benjamin laid with her and petted her to try and comfort her. Such a sweet yet heartbreaking picture.”

Hour of need
Benjamin told local media he had saw the cow fall to the ground during labor and the calf had been stillborn.

The cow became worried and was motionless and unable to move after losing her baby.

He sat with her hugging and comforting the cow during her hour of need.

If only we all had this level of empathy for our precious animal kingdom.

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