Loyal Dog Works As A Taxi Driver With Her Father At Night To Provide An Unusual Service

A faithful dog is stealing the hearts of all the customers who get into a taxi. They cannot imagine that they will receive a luxury service and above all that they will witness the sweetest and most unconditional relationship between a taxi driver and his loyal pet.

In general, taking some kind of public transport or going somewhere with your puppy can be a problem in some countries, as many people still refuse to accept that pets are an important part of the lives of others and that is why those responsible do not want to separate from them.
This time the story is quite different, because to the surprise of many, a taxi driver has gone viral on the Internet who not only loves his pet but also his company is included in any executive trip or short-distance transfer made by this driver.

The faithful dog is included in the luxury service offered by a taxi driver


Her name is Princesa, a rather funny and hard-working brown dog who loves to accompany her owner during working hours.

This pair of carriers live in Paraguay and their story of friendship and camaraderie was revealed on Facebook, thanks to a post by Claudio Gabriel Oliveira.
This man decided to take a taxi and was fascinated with the service they provided because not only did he have a responsible and quite friendly driver, but also a furry girl made his way.

This is how Princesa looks on work nights.

Princesa is the permanent co-pilot of her manager, who has been working as a taxi driver for several years and who since 2017 adopted the dog as his traveling companion.

The furry one is docile and friendly, it seems to be quite adapted to car travel but also to the presence of strangers in the back of the vehicle.

She understands very well that cordiality is key in her work, not only to offer good service, but also to receive good tips and make everyone fall in love during the short time they can share according to the tour.

Princesa and her owner have the most endearing and adorable relationship

Claudio could not hide his surprise and that is why he not only told the story on his Facebook, but also asked the kind taxi driver to let him photograph them and these images accompanied his publication on the social network.

“The most beautiful taxi driver of the night, this faithful friend called “Princesa” accompanies her owner for approximately 3 years every night of work during her tours,” reported Claudio.

Users on Facebook fell in love with Princesa and her daddy driver, and more than one asked Claudio to share information about the area where he took the taxi.

Now it looks like the trucking duo have a list of potential customers waiting, as everyone wants to get up close and personal with this furry family.

Now customers would pay anything to find the taxi in which to share their trip with Princesa

According to Claudio, the subject does not spend a night at work without her; so any other Paraguayan may run into the fortune of running into Princesa and her dad, her taxi driver. While this is happening, netizens are looking for someone who can reveal the identity of this man and allow us to learn a little more about his history.

What great news to know that there are furry ones as loved as Princesa! Hopefully it will serve as an example to other owners so that they do not make any excuses and do not leave their dogs unattended. We send blessings to her and to the faithful owner of her!

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